Bixby Is the "Garden Spot" of Oklahoma!

Considered one of the fastest growing communities in all of Oklahoma, Bixby is quickly becoming THE place to live, work and play if you want to be just within reach of all that Tulsa has to offer.

Nicknamed the "Garden Spot" due to its rich agricultural background, Bixby is still one of the best places to find fresh vegetables and funny enough, SOD. Due to its rich river bottom soil and abundant sunshine, it was discovered that large plots of land could produce beautiful Bermuda grass sod that could be sold in landscaping all over the state.

Fast approaching 20,000 residents in this quaint suburb just 15 minutes south of Tulsa, Bixby has a lot of activity and opportunity for its size. With the Arkansas River flowing east-west right through the center of town, as well as an abundance of great parks and trails, you will never lack for something to do!

Beautiful golf courses, great shopping and some of the best bass fishing around on Lake Bixhoma can all be had within Bixby. A little something for everyone.

And don't forget the popular "Green Corn Festival" held every year at the end of June celebrating the argricultural riches of this abundant zone. This family event features a huge carnaval, great music, contests, great food, arts and crafts and even bingo! Talked about all year long, either in anticipation and planning, or in laughter and photos after the fun has taken place, you can be sure that a good time is had by all...

So, come have a look around and see for yourself just how comfortable and enjoyable it is to live in this amazing community of Bixby.

Aaaah… Small town feel with big town aspirations and opportunity!

A great place to raise your family, start a business, or even, retire.

Like I said before: There’s a “little something for everyone” right here in Bixby, OK.

We look forward to meeting you!


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