Time to Get Out the Armour All!

The second P of marketing your home in Tulsa is to make sure the product you're selling is ready to be showcased.  When you walk on a car lot you never see the used car with the car seat in the back and goldfish crackers littering the floor and seats on the show room floor.  We all know this is how we live and this is the real world.  It just isn't the product that we want to buy!

I know this is going to sound expensive, but it isn't.  Staging your home is an art...It is really an uncomfortable art.  You are going to do all of the things you wish you would have done while living there for someone else.  Hiring a decorator or interior stager is worth everyone's time.  You might feel that your home is perfect.  For 25% of the customers homes I visit.  It is perfect.  For the rest of you... I'm sorry.  Your home is a product that needs to be showcased.  When it is necessary I work directly interior decorators to make sure my product is ready to be put on the market.  One real estate professional I recommend is:Cindy 918-914-2144 at www.transitions-home-staging.com

Please know that I see my role for selling your house as making you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.  I don't take lightly.  But I'm also, very honest.  Because what I see is what your buyer is going to see and I want you to know it first.  So we can sell the best product on the market.











Transitions Home Staging & Interior Design transforms houses into homes by

 Staging Buyer Friendly Homes for Sale

 Reinventing and  Restyling Houses

 Designing Unique Living Spaces

 Delivering  Custom Window Treatments and  Flooring

Contact Cindy Gasior at 918.914.2144 or cindy@transitions-home-staging.com


Services of Transitions Home Staging and Interior Design

Home Staging

  • Basic Home Staging Consultation (2-8 hours) -  advice and coaching on removing, simplifying and rearranging the seller's furniture and accessories as well as selecting interior and exterior paint colors, carpeting and kitchen upgrades.
  • Home Updating and Restyling (average of 4 -12 hours) ~ Transitions team stages home with seller's furniture and accessories.
  • Full Scale Home Staging ~ Transitions team provides furniture and accessories to stage key areas of the seller's home to their full advantage

Interior Design

  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Floor Coverings
  • Complete Design of Rooms and Living Areas

Contact Cindy Gasior at 918.914.2144 or cindy@transitions-home-staging.com


(I always try to recommend the best people in the Tulsa market.  If you would like to ad someone to this list please call me 918-340-0010)