There are 5 P's in Marketing your home.  I cannot wait to sit down with you and explain them all in detail!

When I talk with a customer to sell their home, there is always one question that is asked, "How long will it take to sell?"  

I have to answer a question with a question.  Will you let me do what it takes to get it sold?  Because I do things that no other agent can offer! 

Since you are on my website.  Let's talk about what I do on the web!  

Davenport Company builds you a webpage and provides search engine optimization for your home.  This service isn't extra.  It's just one component of what we do.

Don't just list your home on the Tulsa MLS and forget it.  That is why over 50% of the homes on the Tulsa market don't sell within the first 6 months. 

Davenport Company is highly ranked on Google as a Tulsa real estate authority.  Not only do I have the experience to sell your home.  I graduated with a marketing degree from Oklahoma State University and have my MBA, which includes extensive experience in doing business online.  Let me get your home listed on the market today!

Here is only one of the services we offer: 

We place banner advertisments on other relevant real estate websites such as and, just to name a few.


In addition we own more than 10 additional websites that drive traffic strictly to your listing!


Plus, you will also receive detailed online reports showing you the traffic and activity that your home brings in each and every week!