Broken Arrow homes for sale come in an assortment of different styles. One thing they all have in common though – they're all surrounded by a deep sense of history that goes back over a century. So let's take a few moments to examine the city that earned its name from the Creek Indians and find out why Broken Arrow homes for sale are so special.

Broken Arrow Homes for Sale: A Grand Sense of History

The Creek Indians, who moved to Oklahoma along the Trail of Tears, originally named the area Rekackv. Years later when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad came to the area, company secretary William S. Fears was given the task of naming the location. Knowing Rekackv (pronounced thlee-Kawtch-kuh), might be too difficult for settlers, he decided on the English translation which meant ‘broken arrow’. Incidentally, that same railroad line that was created in 1902 is now owned by a Union Pacific and is still used for freight to this day. The area was primarily an agricultural one until the 1960s. As Tulsa grew, so did the smaller suburb. As a result, today many Broken Arrow residents have local shopping and dining establishments, making it its own city within a city. So, if you've been searching for Broken Arrow homes for sale chances are any decision you make means you're probably near countless amenities.

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