Kelly Davenport

Tulsa OK

Kelly, now she's a pistol, that one. Watch out because she will run circles around you when it comes to getting paperwork in on time and making deadlines for necessary changes to your home.

She is definitely the organizer within the group due to her incredible attention to detail and sense of how and when to get things done! You can be sure that Kelly will have her hands in everything that we do together keeping it all in line and nurturing it until it’s all said and done.

Speaking of nurturing, Kelly is also a beautiful new mom to our daughter, Taylor, who is the latest addition to the Davenport Company team!

In between her family responsibilities and dedicated work ethic, Kelly does actually take some "down-time" and enjoys reading and as mentioned above, traveling to remote parts of the world with me! Neither of us know what we'll do when the travel bug bites again and we have a little one to think of now...

So, that’s Kelly, "a joy to work with" according to several of our clients, and I can attest to that fact personally.

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