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If you've arrived here in search of a "great buy" on a new home in beautiful Tulsa, OK, then you're in the right place at the right time... So, congratulations and thanks for stopping by and make yourself at home!

There is no time like the present, in this crazy economy, to step up and take advantage of unprecedented interest rates, unprecedented investment property opportunities and incredible real estate prices on homes that we haven't seen since the '70s. If you are buying, the phrase "kid in a candy store" comes to mind...If you are selling your home, things may not be as bleak as you might imagine. Call us for a Free Home Value 918-388-9715!

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Homeowners who have listed with us over the past year, have been more than pleasantly surprised at the turn a round time and the price received for their home in the end.So, who are we? We are the Davenport Company your Tulsa Real Estate agent. Don't Forget we service Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Bixby and Surrounding areas.Kelly and Chris Davenport, who along with veteran broker, Brian Jones, make up the most responsive and informed home-buying and home-selling team in all of Tulsa! Our non-stop, professional approach to making your life

easier in the buying or selling of your home, is all in a day's work for us. We eat, drink and sleep this stuff, so that you can be assured that you've hired the very best and that everything will flow perfectly, right down to dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Certainly you have questions and most certainly, we are just a quick phone call away with all of the answers. Don't hesitate in giving us a shout, as we'd just love to hear from you!

A Hidden Gem: Midtown Tulsa, OK Real Estate

The popularity of midtown Tulsa, OK real estate is skyrocketing. People are starting to pay attention to this valuable and little-known market. It's becoming a haven for families, professionals, and real estate investors. Tulsa, Oklahoma is truly a well-kept secret.

In fact, "Relocate America" ranked Tulsa as the number one place to live in the entire United States of America. Their ranking was based on quality of life, living expenses, and economic sustainability. Tulsa's economy has been adding jobs, and this great metropolitan area is growing even larger. It's a great place to live, for a variety of reasons.

City Life in Tulsa's Green Country

Oklahomans have given the name "Green Country" to the northeastern part of the state. This is because beautiful forests and flowing rivers nourish the landscape, creating a beautiful, peaceful environment.

The city of Tulsa is located right in the center of Green Country. This is one of the reasons that Tulsa's population has already swelled to 400,00 people. Population analyses estimate that it will grow to over one million people in the next two years! This is great news for Tulsa's home values.

Midtown Tulsa's Strong Economy

Tulsa has been adding jobs left and right. Last year, Tulsa added about 6,300 jobs to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, resulting in 1.6% job growth. Projections state that Tulsa is slated to add even more jobs as time goes on. More jobs means more demand for Tulsa's homes.

The city also recently approved the Vision 2025 program, which allocates millions to dollars to building Tulsa's economy. The Vision 2025 program will do the following: add resources to Tulsa public schools, support small businesses, attract investment, and add tens of thousands of jobs. Davenport Company - Tulsa OK Real Estate Agent

Great Attractions and Exciting Sports in Tulsa

Tulsa is rich in culture. The city's Philbrook Museum of Art owns one of the largest collections of Baroque art in the entire country. The Philbrook also hosts international exhibits that feature the works of famous contemporary and classical artists.

The Utica Square Shopping Center is nationally famous for its boutique shops, fine dining, and good bargains. Sports fans will love the new BOK Center, a gigantic arena which hosts the pro hockey Tulsa Oilers, and pro arena football Tulsa Talons. The powerful Tulsa Drillers baseball team and the University of Tulsa's Golden Hurricanes football team are two powerhouse teams within their leagues.

Midtown Tulsa's Beautiful Neighborhoods

Tulsa's homes for sales can go quick. Especially in Midtown. There are several neighborhoods in midtown Tulsa which particularly appeal to families. Homes in Terwilliger Heights, Maple Ridge and homes in Brookside have attracted many buyers. In fact, although both neighborhoods are still affordable, the property in these neighborhoods is gaining value.

Also, homes in Bren-Rose and homes in Sunset Park are commanding great prices right now. It is a great time to invest in midtown Tulsa, OK real estate. Davenport Company - Midtown Tulsa OK Real Estate

Tulsa--A Good Bet

Tulsa is calling. A house in Tulsa, Oklahoma can be one of the best investments that you will make. Property is often the safest investment that a person can make. Invest wisely, and your investment will pay off.

The homes in midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma will continue to gain value, and as a result, buyers who buy now will profit from their sales. Tulsa, Oklahoma real estate is a good bet for anyone who wants to profit from real estate. For Homes for sale in Midtown, Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Bixby Call 918-388-9715

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