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Move Tulsa

Is Moving a big chore? Yes! Many things have to be done to move your life to another location. Where do you start? My first bit of advice to you is don't try and do everything yourself. I have moved several families into Tulsa. Davenport Company has a Relocation Team. That can handle all of your Tulsa arrangements.


When it comes to Wagoner County foreclosures or Tulsa OK real estate, bank REO properties are often in demand. One of the driving factors is cost. Investors, and even homesteaders, can sometimes find homes for pennies on the dollar. But it's a case of buyer beware when it comes to dealing with Tulsa REO foreclosures. Not everyone is immediately prepared to purchase Tulsa OK real estate of this nature.

Lease Purchase Option

Lease with option has it's pitfalls, however can be a great alternative to selling your home. In this economy there are many people that will not qualify for a traditional mortgage for one reason or another. Many times it's not because they don't pay their bills. It may have to do with how they declare their income. For example, someone that is self employed may have perfect credit, however on their tax returns deduct all of their expenses to lower their taxability. Traditional mortgage mandate that 2 years of tax returns with sufficient income be required. Income is calculated from gross income for a W-2 employee and Net income for someone that is self employed. So you can see how they may become disqualified very easily.

Tulsa Mortgage

When it comes to home loans and mortgage options, I know them all. We know where to get the best available rates and loan programs for any situation you find yourself. In addition, we know how to get you approved to get the best available loan. We can fix your credit "For Free" so I can help you buy a home for your family in the shortest time possible. Financing is getting more and more difficult. I have been in the mortgage business for 10 years and I'm well versed in these types of mortgages: